Milton Keynes based Web and Print Designer

Why do you wait until you have received all of the content, preferences etc before getting started on a project?

I do this for two reasons:

The first reason is related to design quality. A website that is pre- planned with all elements in mind will always turn out better than a website that is put together bit by bit and tinkered with as you go along.

The second reason is a practical one. Having to design and redesign the same elements of a website wastes time and would mean that I would have to increase my prices which is something I don’t want to be forced to do!


How long will it take for my project to be finished?

I successfully manage to maintain an efficient turnover of projects but I am also committed to giving each client and project the time and dedication that they deserve. The amount of time that any given project will take to finish will be dependant on its complexity and size, and also on what other work I am already committed to at that particular moment in time.


How do you prioritise your work?

Some clients take months to get all of their content, preferences etc sent to me and some take a matter of hours. This is, of course, completely fine as I do understand that each client’s circumstances are unique. This does mean, however, that it is only fair and practical that I work on projects in the order in which they are ready to start as opposed to in the order in which I received the initial enquiries. You are, of course, more than welcome to ask for an time estimate prior to sending everything over, however. I will usually reply along the lines of, for instance, “if you are able to send me all of your content and preferences by the end of this week then your project should take a further two weeks to complete”.


How does the “All In Package” work?

If you opt for the “All In Package” then your annual fee of £360 will cover your domain transfer or registration, your hosting, website maintenance and unlimited minor updates throughout the year. “Minor updates” means editing or adding to existing content e.g. adding blog or news stories to existing feeds, adding photos to existing galleries, editing or adding to existing blocks of text, adding simple new features to existing pages etc. The annual fee won’t include any redesigning of your website, adding new pages, adding complex new features to existing pages etc. If you have any specific questions about what is and isn’t included, please do ask!


How does the “No Strings Attached” option work?

If you opt for “No Strings Attached” then it will do exactly what it says on the tin. Going forward you will need to pay for the cost of your domain registration (around £10 per year) and your hosting (currently £2.49 + VAT per month with Smart Hosting) but that is all. You will be able to access your own site and, with a little working knowledge of WordPress, you will be able to update your site yourself. I will of course, however, always be available to enlist whenever you need my assistance. My rate is £10 per half hour, with a minimum payment of £10 per request. I would therefore recommend grouping small jobs into a single email as that will work out more economically for you.